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Kit #16 FlashInvaders

Kit 16 was released in 2014, when the "Flash Invader" app was launched. It is made of 80 ceramic tiles. It is published in 200 numbered and signed copies. It uses the visual of the FlashInvaders application, which allows you to earn points by taking pictures of the mosaics, and also to authenticate them.

Dimensions: 24cm x 14cm


In 1998, Invader laid his first mosaic (PA_001) in the Passage de la Main d'Or in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. She stayed there, alone, for months, until the artist realized he had created a new mode of urban expression. As it was a figurine from the Space Invader video game, the program was all mapped out, it was necessary to invade space with pixelated ceramic tile mosaics. Almost 25 years later, in mid-2022, we have more than 4,000 Space Invader mosaics installed in more than 80 cities. Some of them are even at the bottom of the ocean, in Cancun Bay, Mexico. In 2015, Space 2 was also sent aboard the ISS. Invader poses all his works himself, when you see one in the street, it means "Invader was here".

From the year 2000, Invader marketed ready-to-use invasion kits on its website. These are pre-assembled mosaics, made up of a hundred tiles, placed in an anti-static protective bag, which you just have to stick where you want. The original approach was to be able to involve everyone in the invasion, and that everyone could have an Invader at home, in their street, on their building, etc. We can also read 'Good invasion' on the kits. But the fact that these kits were marketed in limited numbers authenticated by a unique number and some even signed by the artist, has transformed them into collector's items whose value has only increased, especially over the past four or five years. Very few have therefore found their place in the street and they are essentially part of private collections.

To date, there are 18 invasion kits​AlbinosBlue OctopusHollywoodeeRubik SpaceAtariRunnerUnion SpaceThird EyeHypnotic ViennaParisBlueHomeMade In Japan3D VisionGlow In The DarkFlashMSFLos Angeles.

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