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​Where to buy an invasion kit?

The first possibility is to participate in auctions. Attention, the auctioneers are most often totally incompetent, and above all do not care ... all they want is to sell. Even the most reputable auction houses have been selling fakes for a few months.



Given the proliferation of fake kits since 2021, we have drawn up a list of galleries that seem to us to be the most competent on Invader works.

Over the Influence has been Invader's official gallery since 2016. It is historically established in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Obviously the gallery is serious, but they only agree to sell Invader's works to their good customers, or you will have to buy the equivalent in small artists. Clearly, to buy an invader work at €10,000, you will also have to buy €10,000 of works by small non-listed artists represented by the gallery...


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