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On SpaceInvaderKits, find the exhaustive list of invasion kits produced by Invader from 2000 to 2018

To date, there are 18 Invader Invasion Kits: Invasion Kit #1 AlbinosInvasion Kit #2 Blue OctopusInvasion Kit #3 HollywoodeeInvasion Kit #4 Rubik Space, Invasion Kit #5 AtariInvasion Kit #6 RunnerInvasion Kit #7 Union SpaceInvasion Kit #8 Third Eye, Invasion Kit #9 Hypnotic Vienna, Invasion Kit #10 ParisInvasion Kit #11 BlueInvasion Kit #12 Home, Invasion Kit #13 Made In JapanInvasion Kit #14 3D VisionInvasion Kit #15 Glow In The DarkInvasion Kit #16 FlashInvasion Kit #17 MSFInvasion Kit #18 Los Angeles.

The creative street artist Space Invaders has become in a few years a key player in the art market in France and abroad. Inspired and certainly by nostalgia for the first era of gaming, arcade games, early games, and Atari consoles, he poses creative space invaders in all the cities of the world. His artistic urban decorations appear like rockets or graffiti, overnight like invaders. French artist, master of street-art, the street artist Invader has become one of the major players in contemporary art, and urban art, with his mosaic made of pixels in ceramic tiles. The invasion kits were produced from 2000 to 2018. Unlicensed, like urban puzzles, they had a decorative role and made it possible to customize any location. Each kit model has its own story. For the purchase of a kit, rather than auctions, galleries are to be preferred, there are fewer counterfeits. They quickly became collectors, and an original exhibition was even dedicated to them and published. The video game thus enters at home, thanks to the creative urban artists.

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