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True or false kit, that is the question....

We estimate that since the summer of 2021, around two thirds of the kits offered on galleries or online platforms are fakes. Similarly, more than one out of two sold at auction are counterfeits, including in the most renowned houses. We will give examples regularly in blog. The difficulty is of course to manage not to give information that could be exploited by counterfeiters.

Considering this exponential number of fake kits, it is absolutely necessary, in our opinion, to avoid buying a kit without documents attesting to its authenticity. It can be an invoice from the Space Shop, or the original packaging of the kit, or a certificate of authenticity from a gallery that has represented the artist (for example Over The Influence, or Lefeuvre & Roze) . The Invader team can also authenticate by email, but it's quite rare, they are totally overbusy. Franck LEFEUVRE, from Galerie Lefeuvre Roze in Paris, issues certificates of authenticity (Galerie Lefeuvre Roze was Invader's official gallery from 2009 to 2015).

To date, we have never seen a fake in only four galleries ! The first is Over The Influence, based in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Paris. OTI has officially represented Invader since 2016. On the other hand, there is a singularity with OTI, if you wish to buy works by Invader, you will then have to acquire the same amount of emerging artists represented by the gallery.

The second is the Lefeuvre & Roze gallery, based in Paris. They are rather specialized in Alias ​​and unique works, but also regularly sell kits. As said above, they establish certificates of authenticity, and can even authenticate your kits on request.
The third is also French, the Ange Basso gallery. They mainly propose Alias, unique artworks, and a few kits and invasion books.
Then the fourth one, french again, is Class Art Biarritz, located in Biarritz. The gallery mainly offers kits and serigraphs of Invader.

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