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Invader kit prices decrease … Opportunity to purchase ?

If you have followed the multiple auctions that have taken place since the summer of 2022, whether it is Heritage Auction, Artnet, Artcurial, Christies, Tate Ward, Digard, or other, overall prices of the kits have fallen. While they were sold for between 20 and 25 k€ before the summer of 2022, they have been between 15 and 20k since then, a drop of 20%...

Is this a reliable and lasting trend? hard to say !

The main difficulty is that there are always so many fakes… The kits sold in most auctions are not even on site, and often abroad. We made requests and went to view the artworks before the auction, it is common not to be able to see and touch the kits. Without this, unfortunately, it is absolutely impossible to guarantee their authenticity.

As for the galleries, not really any change, the average price is more around 30k€. (for authentic kits 😊)

As rumors of a new kit for this year spread, it is very difficult to predict the evolution of prices. In any case, in the last ten years, the declines in the cost of kits have never lasted more than a few months before starting to rise again.

Another positive sign, all the aliases of the OTI 4000 exhibition, offered between 50 and 150k€, have been sold...

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