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Pharrell Williams creation based on Invader work

Dernière mise à jour : 7 déc. 2023

One of Invader's creations for Pharell Williams has been auctionned for 137,000 USD.

Alongside his first fashion show for the Louis Vuitton brand, Pharrell Williams organized a contemporary art auction on his new Joopiter platform. He asked his artist friends to create for him, or to sell iconic and emblematic creations from their creative universe.

Several creations of Invader "Camo for Pharell" were made by the artist a few months ago especially for this sale. The checkerboard and the pixel were in the spotlight of the Louis Vuitton show, the first of Pharrell Williams. The designer's costume is particularly inspired by Invader's "Camo" artwork. We can thus legitimately ask the question, when will a line of Invader clothing or accessories, at Louis Vuitton ?

Invader tells us “for the work “Camo for Pharrell” I used a camouflage pattern, which is a theme often used in both contemporary art and fashion. I then chose to add an elegant and precious touch with crystal tiles for the eyes of the Space Invader”. Obviously the work has a lot more to collectors, since after 80 bids, the "Camo for Pharrell" was awarded at 137,000 USD. We can also cite among the remarkable sales, a copy of MoonMan MTV by Kaws, sold for 256,000 USD, or a Sorayama Shark sold for 30,000 USD.

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