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The 4000 solo show

Dernière mise à jour : 8 déc. 2022

Opening on Dec 10th, the new Invader 4000 solo show will take place in the center of Paris, into the brand new OTI Gallery location, very close to the Elysee Palais.

Everyone is asking what will happen ? As far as we know it will be an exhibition dedicated to Alias. The artist is preparing a ful set of of 40 brand new Alias, including one for the famous 4000 ceramic in Potosi (4000m altitude). He has done several stories on Instagram showing the edition of the ceramics. The artist has selected each one based on the importance of its role in the “global invasion” he began two decades ago. Each alias is the unique identical replica of an in situ mosaic, allowing you to become its virtual owner. Price should rank from €50k to €500k, not easy to buy :)

And usually OTI ask to buy the equivalent amount of money of emerging artists artwork ... to be allowed to buy an Invader piece ... it definitely makes a uge amount of money !

Invader is also told to release a 4000 book with small images of 4000 ceramics pasted all over the world ... let's see ! Some rumors also mention a new kit. Why not ? Its been a while since no kits have been issued. To be continued ...

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